Villa la Vittoria, Pollone (Biella)

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The Garden

To pass through the gate of the Villa laVittoria, climb the steps leading into the garden (between the borders of evergreens, delicate Iceberg roses and hellebore which gives a white winter flowering) is a special moment, linking you to this house...
A lawn embroidered with primroses, daisies and buttercups, makes a “green carpet” to the pale-coloured hydrangeas, wild roses and fragrant wisteria, honeysuckle and jasmine, buddleja and lavender...

Strolling around the garden is admiring nature’s patient work and its allies that gave rise to this cozy and private space, drawing your gaze towards the horizons.
Lunch in a shaded dwelling hosts ornamental plants, flowers, hedges and the impressive guardian of the porch and the veranda: is no coincidence that the maple reflects in the heated swimming pool between the garden and the fragrant orchard of apples pomegranates, pears, figs and grape vines: a path entices guests to view in complete relaxation the meeting of the sky with nature.

This interesting combination of plants and flowers didn’t happen just by chance, however it hides from the eye of the less experienced the hosts’ personal project combined with the professionalism of a landscape gardener and an agronomist: to create the ideal habitat for attracting graceful winged guests: butterflies.

These butterflies are not introduced by force but are attracted by what attracts them: here they can find everything that they appreciate in nature (flavours, colours and fragrances of a wide variety of plant species) and making their stay a happy one by encouraging their reproduction. Between the months of April and October, the owners and their guests can appreciate and admire the many species that are concentrated in this garden.
Natural scenery and good taste are intertwined, resulting in a refined, cozy and yet remarkable place to be.

Beyond the garden, the pearls of Biella… are the hills between the mountains and the plains. The gaze lingers on the wild chestnuts, the beeches and on the clear patches of birch trees. The crisp winter light brings the mountains closer dusted with a sugar like snow; delicate gray mists stretch and rise to the plains as far as the eye can see, like observing the precious monochrome watercolors of the Japanese artist Gyokudo Kaway.
The rhododendron is spring, Pollone is it’s kingdom, the azalea is the queen and the hydrangeas are her courtiers in a succession of floral colours and shades of green, running into endless sunny days and cool summer evenings.
To the south you can see a perfect moraine that divides the Quaternary era of Biella from those of Ivrea, covered by dense forests.
From the garden you can see all the way from Andrate to Salussola and sunset melting in the rice fields of Biella.